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Easy exercises that Increase Blood Circulation

The exercises meant for increasing blood circulation in the body are designed to eliminate varicose veins, numbness as well as tingling sensations. Health Guidance recommends that you should work towards increasing your blood circulation in order to transfer nutrients as well as oxygen to other parts of the body faster. The exercises meant to boost blood circulation vary from simple leg stretches to complete body workout schedules.
1. Head and shoulder workouts
Neck exerciseThese are designed specifically to help improve the flow of blood to the shoulder region as well as the neck. Begin by standing straight with the knees bent slightly and the legs apart, the width of shoulders.  Then, turn the head to your right as far as possible ensuring that your entire body stays straight ahead. Before doing the same on the other side, hold for some seconds. During the workout, try pointing the nose toward the shoulder.
2. Calf raises
These exercise help in increasing the flow of blood in the legs as well as the lower extremities. Begin by standing still on a flat but raised surface like the aerobic step. Step up on the aerobic step in such a manner that the ankles dangle off the rear of the step. Lower the heels down and off the step till you feel the stretch at the back of your ankle. Then hold for some seconds before going back to the original position. Repeat the move till fatigued.
3. Basic arm workouts
These exercises are designed in a manner that they can stretch the muscles found in the arms as well as increase the flow of blood in these regions. While standing with the knees bent a bit and arms at the sides extend the arms up on top of your head with the fingertips out till you feel a little stretch in both the arm and hand muscles. Hold the position for some time before relaxing and repeating the workout.
4. Tip-toe walking
This workout can be performed at any time while doing other normal daily tasks. Rather than walking, shift your entire weight on to the toes as you perform your chores. This will enable you stretch the calf muscles apart from increasing the blood circulation in the lower body extremities. You can as well do this till you are fatigued.
All these exercises are beneficial to you since they increase your blood flow, which is a great thing to your overall health as well as to body organs like the lungs and heart, which will thereby function better. In order to get the most out of these workouts and spike the circulation of blood throughout your body, you should consider the following steps as well:
Start slowly
Before embarking on a workout schedule, ensure that you have warmed up before each and every workout. Warming up before begin intensive exercises allows blood circulation to increase gradually as well as warms up the muscles. Thereafter, you can gradually increase the intensity and speed of the workout.
Do aerobic activity
Aerobic activities are those exercises that increase the heart rate as well as breathing. For instance, running can make your heart beat faster and thus the flow of blood will as well be increased throughout your body.
Muscles that have loosened up and warm will respond better to various forms of exercise. Stretching not only feels good, it also helps in improving the flow of blood throughout the body.
Proper breathing techniques
If you breathe correctly, you will achieve a full expansion of your lungs as well as increase the amount of oxygen inhaled. This will as well register an improved blood circulation in the body. Proper breathing demands that you inhale through the mouth and thereafter exhale via the nose.
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