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GM Diet Plan Day 4

Day 4 of GM Diet plan comes with a big surprise as you will be consuming of very rare combination of meals : Milk, Banana and soup. This may look bit strange but you are going to consume as much as 3 glasses of Milk and as many as eight bananas along with a vegetable soup in the evening.

Bananas and milk will provide potassium, calcium and sodium to your body which you have lost in last 3 days. You will also feel as you have a desire to eat sweets as you have missed in last 3 days. This day will be very easier to pass and it will be again a surprise for you as you will be losing your weight although you are consuming bananas and Milk. 

You must choose to consume Skimmed milk and perform some lighter warm up exercises as this will help to maintain your metabolic process . And not to forget  to drink 10 Glasses of Water in a day.

Breakfast : Start your day with Milk and Bananas as it will keep you energetic for the whole day. You may also consume banana shake if you prefer.

Lunch : At the lunch time you have two options either you consume vegetable soup or you may consume milk and bananas. If you choose to drink Vegetable soup then you should not drink vegetable soup at dinner time. But It is suggested to consume Vegetable soup at dinner time as it will be not be heavier on your stomach.

Dinner : Again this is optional to go for Bananas and milk or vegetable soup. If you already have consumed vegetable soup at Lunch time then go for bananas and milk. You can also go for banana shake if you do not want to eat bananas.

Midday Meal : If you feel hungry any day of time or you are used to have Midday meal, you may eat banana as your total intake of bananas can be up to 8 bananas. 



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