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GM Diet Plan Day 6

This is the 6th day of GM Die Plan and you are almost done with the diet. Today is a day to eat beef and vegetables. It is OK to eat as much as beef along with vegetables. Beside proteins and iron from beef, your body will also get fiber and vitamins from vegetables that you will eat today. This is the time when your body has given you a good weight loss up to now. You should compare your weight today from the day one.  And you will also be surprised to see that your skin too is glowing as you have eaten lots of fruits and vegetables till now.

Again You may choose chicken breast or fish instead of beef if you are not comfortable with beef. And if you are a vegetarian, you can choose soya bean or brown rice instead. Today again you are required to drink extra glasses of water as you will need to flush it out extra uric acid that your body will be producing.

Breakfast : You may start your morning with a large bowl of cooked or uncooked vegetables along with a portion of beef or chicken or you may have beef cutlets along with vegetables.

Lunch : At the lunch time again you may have beef with vegetables. You may consume all type of vegetables except potatoes.  A bowl of beef with broccoli can also be a good choice at this time.

Dinner : At the dinner time you may choose beef and vegetable soup. This is time when you body may require the protein, iron and fiber that you may have lost after such a tiring day and beef and vegetable soup will serve the purpose. 



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