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What is GM Diet Plan

The GM Diet plan also known as General Motors Diet plan is a program that was developed for employees of General Motors company for their good health , wellness, fitness and even weight loss. This Diet program was made for exclusive use only. This diet Plan was developed with the help of Food and Drug Administration and Department of Agriculture of United States of America. On 15th August 1985 this diet plan was approved and distributed by its board members at its general meeting. GM Diet Plan is wholly endorsed by General Motors and this Diet plan is available to all employees and families at its Food Service Facilities. This diet plan works as a internal detoxification for the body. This plan works as a good weight loss program and its also improve a person’s attitudes and wellness as its works a cleansing process for the body.

GM Diet plan is a seven day plan that burns more calories than you eat in 7 days.

Before You Start These Points Should be Considered :

Try to remain away from  alcohol drinks.

Drink minimum 10 Glasses of Water each day.

- You can do this program as often as you like, but it is suggested to take 2 or 3 days

  break  between before you start again.

Incase you have to take alcohol, make a limit of 2 glasses of white wine or champagne or

   beer  in these 7 days program. Do not drink vodka, rum , whisky or any other hard liquor

   in  any case.

- No Fruit juices to be  taken except on the last day of program

Here is 7 Days GM Diet Plan

Day One Today is a day to eat only fruits but no bananas. You can eat as much fruits as you want. It’s advisable to eat lot of melons today as it will help to lose weight to a great extent on your first day.

Day Two Start your morning with a large bowl of potato and rest of day is to eat only vegetables. You can eat as much you as want and it is encouraged to eat all kinds of vegetables including cooked and raw vegetables.

Day Three This is a day with mixture of vegetables and fruits of your choice. Again you can eat Any amount, any quantity and any type but strictly no bananas yet and no potatoes today. 

Day Four It may look bit strange but today is a day for bananas and milk. Today you should drink three glasses of milk and eat as many as eight bananas. It is encouraged to have a vegetable soup tonight but remember to limited quantity.

Day Five Today is a day to eat beef and tomatoes. Eat two 10 oz. portions of lean beef. Hamburger is OK. Combine this with six whole tomatoes. Today you need to  increase your water intake as you need to to cleanse your system of the uric acid you will be producing.

Day Six Today is a day to eat beef and vegetables. It is OK to eat as much as beef you and along with vegetables.

Day Seven Today you may eat your some brown rice, fruit juices and all type of the vegetables you want to eat.

Tomorrow morning you will feel much lighter with totally different personality with a very positive energy level. 



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